Any warranty problems with unlocking a phone yourself?

I am looking to buy a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I think it's about £100 of a difference to buy an unlocked handset. If I get a locked handset, would there be any warranty issues because of unlocking it youself (either with a code, or from a local store)... ? Does it void a warranty?

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CTPAHHIK  May. 9, 2011 at 18:20

Yes, most Android phone void their warranty when they are unlocked without using unlock code provided by manufacturer. It's possible that algorithm will be hacked and unlock code will be generated, but I would not bet on it. At least not right away.

I don't know how phones get unlocked in a store, but if you can get unlock code from manufacturer or any website (and it works) warranty will remain intact.

100% guarantee that phone will be unlocked using "root" procedure within a few days after it's released. This process voids you warranty and requires some technical knowledge. However, reloading stock image on the phone locks it again and it can be shipped for repairs. If phone does not power on I highly doubt anyone would be able to figure out if you "rooted" it or not.


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