Watch Elop talk about Nokia, Symbian, WP7 and tablets

Watch Elop talk about Nokia, Symbian, WP7 and tabletsWe recently heard that Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, had been interviewed by Finnish TV channel A-Plus. Well, now you can watch the interview yourself, as WMPower reports that it has surfaced on the cyberweb.

The interview lasts around 18 minutes, and Elop fields questions on a variety of subjects, including the company’s recent change in direction, their progress in terms of Windows Phone 7, and a possible tablet.

Elop also talks about the controversial decision to move its Symbian activities to outsource company Accenture. Essentially, Nokia will focus internally on Windows Phone 7. And, er, MeeGo, I suppose.

According to Stephen, the ETA for the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 handset could be Q4 this year, or possibly early 2012. No official announcement will be made until they’re sure they can stick to it, in order to avoid delays and disappointment.

And with regards to tablet action, Nokia is still considering its various “software assets” and hopes to release “something that would be differentiating”.

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 30, 2011 at 14:27

Pretty much on every single photo Elop has that I-didnt-do-it expression. Wonder why that is? ;)


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