Watch US Netflix on your UK Windows Phone

Watch US Netflix on your UK Windows PhoneAlready this week we’ve detailed how to Watch US Netflix on your UK iPad or iPhone, and how to Watch US Netflix on your UK Android smartphone or tablet. Now we turn our attention to smartphone operating system #3. Symbian? BlackBerry 10? Don't be silly.

It’s a bit of a pain in the bum, to be honest, but it is possible – technically – to watch US Netflix on your UK Windows Phone handset.

Watching US Netflix on an iPad or iPhone is best accomplished with a DNS service like Unblock Us, while Hola – a free app – will get the job done for Android.

The problem with Windows Phone – even the latest version, Windows Phone 8.1 – is that you can’t change your DNS settings. And they say iOS is “locked down” <insert winky face>.

If you’re using Wi-Fi, what you need to do is change the DNS servers on your router – assuming that’s possible. The other slight problem is that you’re obviously changing the settings for all devices connecting through the router, so your entire network will effectively become pseudo US-based.

If that sounds ok, it’s much the same process as on iOS; we’re simply changing the DNS servers on your router instead of on an iPad or iPhone.

As such, you’ll need to first acquire your alternative DNS numbers. As we were saying earlier in the week, you can either trawl through forums in search of some freebies, accepting that they might stop working sooner or later; or you can sign up to something like Unblock Us ($4.99 per month).

If you need help fiddling with your router, just Google the model and/or ISP for instructions. With my Sky router, for example, I type into my browser, username: admin, password: sky. However! The Sky Hub is locked down, so I can’t change the DNS details; that varies from provider to provider.

So, bit of a hassle all in all, but assuming you can change those router settings, you can – in theory – watch US Netflix on your Windows Phone.

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 5, 2014 at 13:11

You can also use Unlocator, but it's not free

JanSt / MOD  Nov. 5, 2014 at 13:14

As to the lockeddown-ness of WP... all OSs have their 'thing' - Android kitkat makes SD card use very idiotic on some devices...
On the flipside: the WP market has Youtube apps that let you save videos, let you watch and download blocked videos etc etc...


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