How to watch the WWE Network on your UK Android smartphone or tablet

How to watch the WWE Network on your UK Android smartphone or tablet

Yesterday I detailed How to watch the WWE Network on your UK iPad or iPhone, a relatively simple process, truth to be told, and I naively thought it might be even more straight forward on glorious, open, do-whatever-you-like Android. Oh, how wrong I was.

I was actually just putting the finishing touches to WWE Network on your UK Android device: an impossible dream?, but I’ve only GONE AND GOT IT WORKING.

EDIT: a colossal rant follows, but by all means scroll down to the bottom for concise instructions on how to watch the WWE Network on your UK Android smartphone or tablet.

To get the WWE Network up and running on a UK iPad or iPhone, all you need is a subscription ($9.99 per month), and an alternative DNS address (from Unblock Us, or similar). That’s pretty much it.

For some bizarre reason, however, the WWE Network is determined not to work on UK Android devices. It’s surprisingly locked down.

Problem the first: I was initially using a Nook HD, but couldn’t download the WWE app. See, it appears to be US-only, and while Hola Free VPN will kindly download it for you, that necessitates allowing downloads from sources outside the Play Store, something the Nook HD doesn’t support. Not without a lot of tinkering, anyway.

As such, I acquired an HTC Desire 610: Settings > Security > Unknown sources > tick! The WWE app was installed seconds later.

Having overcome that particular hurdle, I thought the worst was over, but I hadn’t seen anything yet.

Problem the second: the WWE app for Android is freakin’ obsessed with confirming your location. It’s not like Netflix where you simply launch it through Hola and everything’s hunky-dory. No siree.

Enter: Fake GPS Location Spoofer. In a nutshell, Fake GPS Location Spoofer lets you specify where you want your phone to appear from, so, for example, your Facebook check-ins and/or pictures could be geo-tagged with Times Square, New York.

However, in order to enable Fake GPS Location Spoofer, you have to unlock the developer functions of your Android phone, which means going to Settings > About > Software Information > More, and tapping on ‘Build number’ several times.

Go back to Settings and you’ll now see an all-new ‘Developer options’ heading, wherein we can ‘Allow mock locations’. Phew!

So, we now want to go into Fake GPS Location Spoofer and set our location to somewhere in the US. Let’s say Times Square again, for argument’s sake.

Now, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the nightmare is over, but if we go into the WWE app at this stage and try to watch content, it’ll say it’s “Unable to reliably confirm your location”. It seems to know that ‘Allow mock locations’ is enabled. What the f…?

But! If we go back to Settings > Developer options, and then un-tick ‘Allow mock locations’, the WWE app will seemingly accept the GPS setting – Times Square, New York – that we defined before. Good lawd.

To sum up, here’s what you need:

  • an Android device that will accept app downloads from outside Google Play (Settings > Security > Unknown sources > tick)
  • Hola Free VPN, free @ Google Play
  • Fake GPS Location Spoofer, free @ Google Play
  • a valid subscription to the WWE Network (just give a fake US address with a valid US ZIP code; billing address can be UK)

And here’s what you need to do:

  • download and install the WWE app through Hola Free VPN
  • go to Settings > Location and set Mode to ‘Device only’ (GPS)
  • go to Settings > About > Software Information > More, and tap on ‘Build number’ several times to unlock the developer options
  • go to Settings > Developer options and tick ‘Allow mock locations’
  • open Fake GPS Location Spoofer, set your location to somewhere in the US and press the play icon in the bottom right. It’ll confirm: “Fake location engaged…”
  • go to Settings > Developer options and un-tick ‘Allow mock locations’
  • open the WWE app through Hola, tap WWE Network and sign in
  • the app will say “Getting Location…” and seemingly hang for a good few seconds, but – fingers crossed – you should be able to watch the WWE Network on your UK Android smartphone or tablet

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