The week in review: No ice cream for Nokia

The week in review: No ice cream for NokiaNaturally the biggest news this week is that the iPhone can save your immortal soul. Whilst the Pope may not fully approve of the newly-unveiled Confessional app, it certainly complements his latest suggestion that Christians should "make good use of their presence in the digital world". Plus, £1.19 is an absolute bargain for eternal salvation.

But I digress... because if anyone's in need of a priest right now, it's Nokia.

They've been having an absolute mare of a week after a steady decline in Symbian OS uptake, and things have gotten so bad that even their boss freely admits that they're years behind the competition. The canned 32GB N8, lack of the UK E7 and their rumoured dumping of MeeGo certainly don't help matters.

Nokia's alliance with Microsoft's WP7 might help keep the wolves from the door... but as Google's Vic Gundotra points out, "Two Turkeys do not make an Eagle..." Hurry up with that update, eh guys?

Speaking of Google, it's worth mentioning that they'll be rolling out Android 2.4 this April even though Honeycomb has put the kibosh to their naming scheme. We prefer Gingerbread to ice cream anyway. Sensitive teeth and all that.

Shame about their store though, which could have been a security nightmare in the making. Since mobile cybercrime is on the rise, it seems that nowhere is safe.

Nokia may be on the back foot, but HP are on the march and ready for action. They've unveiled three nifty new devices (including the seriously slinky Pre3) as well as webOS - which seem to be shaping up nicely. And there was me thinking that they only made printers.

We'll need to wait until MWC for the biggest announcements - so why not whet your appetite with our Motorola and HTC previews?

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 12, 2011 at 10:06

Nokia's shares drop a nice 14% and 1000's of workers walk out What's that? Fate shuts a door and opens a Window(s)?


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