The week in review

The week in reviewI feel like there should be some sort of jingle to accompany the obligatory review of the week. Perhaps I’ll put my musical “talents” to good use and come up with something.

Anyways, with IFA ‘n’ all, this week was very much all about new stuff; lots and lots of new stuff. And there's nothing we likes more than new stuff. New stuff? Yes please.

Starting with Toshiba randomly, their Thrive tablet – which first broke cover way back in January – finally arrived in the UK this week. It’s now called the Toshiba AT100 and goes for around £379.99. It looked great eight months ago, but times have changed and it’s a bit of a chunker by today’s standards.

Thanks heavens then for the AT200, Toshiba’s super-slim AT100 successor.

I keep saying: “Another week, another Sony Ericsson smartphone,” and this week didn’t disappoint. This time it’s the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S, essentially a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc with juicier processing.

Motorola finally made the Motorola Pro official, but it’s actually a slightly sexier model called the Motorola Pro+ we’re getting. Noice.

HTC revealed its Windows Phone Mango plans on Thursday, with the Titan and Radar. The Titan is definitely the more interesting of the two, with its gargantuan 4.7in display. I do like a big phone. Which probably means I have a small penis or something.

There were a few cheeky HTC leaks too, with the HTC Runnymede and HTC Sensation Special Edition. The former appears to be an Android-based HTC Titan; it also weighs in with 4.7in of display beef.

And finally we’ve got Samsung. You can always rely on good old Sammie to steal the show at these conference thingies, and IFA was no exception.

We already knew to expect three new bada phones; that much was official. We also heard there’d be a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, but prior to IFA the so-called Samsung Galaxy Note was a mystery.

Turns out the Samsung Galaxy Note is a 5.3in stylus-toting Gingerbread-running beast. I want one.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, Samsung also released the white Samsung Galaxy S II in the UK. You’re really spoiling us here, Sammie. Cheers.

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blizzard7  Sep. 3, 2011 at 14:07

You forgot the Lenovo Ideapad A1. The $199 tablet with 8 GBs of storage and both SD and microSD expansion. Yum!


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