The week in review

The week in reviewTo be honest, I can’t be bothered actually counting or anything, but it seems like Big D, Phil and I have churned out a larger than average amount of crud this week.

What the hell happened? I can’t recall any one story dominating the headlines over the past seven days, but surely it wasn’t all nonsensical rants inspired by Dead Island and lack of sleep.

Where the hell to start? New phones, I guess. First up, Samsung revealed a couple of Windows Phone Mango efforts in the form of the Focus S and Focus Flash. The former looks interesting enough, and is essentially a modest Samsung Galaxy S II for Windows Phone peeps.

The HTC Runnymede – or HTC Bass, as it might be called – popped up posing for a press shot. It sounds alright, but we’re far more excited about the HTC Sensation XE.

LG revealed the Optimus One’s successor: the Optimus Hub. It has fairly modest specs, but looks like a pretty decent mid-range option. Depending on the price, of course.

We’d heard whispers of a Nokia 900 WP7 super-phone, and a developer discovered one via Bluetooth this week when he remote accessed a Nokia N9 at the manufacturer’s Finnish office.

Microsoft unveiled Windows 8 this week, and 5,000 lucky developers got their hands on a sweet Samsung-built developer tablet. Alas, it’ll probably be a developer-only special edition thingy.

Oh, there was an intriguing BlackBerry leak too, though we’re not sure if it’s an old prototype or some new beast. It’s all sharp edges, and black and silver. Very un-RIM.

I think that was it really. Lots and lots of little stories, but nothing majorly major. If you fancy having a fumble around in our news pants, hit this handy link.

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