The week in review

The week in reviewHello, good afternoon, and welcome to our traditional round up of the week’s mobile news.

There were a few biggish stories this week, including me having tonsillitis. I managed a few drinks last night, and a chips, cheese & donner, so I can only assume I’m back to 100%. Go me.

The biggest story was probably the Amazon Kindle Fire launch on Tuesday. It looks pretty sweet – 7in display, completely customised Android, all the Amazon bells and whistles, $199 price tag – but it ain’t coming out over here any time soon, so I’m moving swiftly on.

Oh, want to know what else we’re not getting in the UK? Two big new Samsung Galaxy S IIs, one with a 4.5in display, the other with 4.65in. Looks like they’ll be Korea only.

Following the news that Apple staff in the UK had been told to cancel any holidays in the first two weeks of October, the ultra-secretive Californians finally confirmed the date for the iPhone 5 unveiling. Apple says: “Let’s talk iPhone” on October 4. That’s this Tuesday!

Over in the patent world, Samsung is hoping to ban iPads and iPhones in the Netherlands with the help of the Hague. And it turns out Mr Steve Jobs successfully initiated talks with Samsung in 2010, but clearly the execs involved couldn’t reach an amicable agreement, hence the 20-odd global cases that are going down as we speak.

We’re hearing lots about the Motorola Atrix 2, but trying not to get too excited since we probably won’t see it for several long months after the US. The Motorola Xoom 2 has popped up in some leaks too, and looks there’ll be two of ‘em!

Mango is finally on its way to the Windows Phone 7 faithful. Microsoft expects the process to take a few weeks, but those 500+ new features will be winging their way to your WP7 handset soon enough.

And finally, we met Tizen, a new Linux-based OS. One site (I can’t remember who) amusingly scored out MeeGo and Nokia and scribbled Tizen and Samsung. Good stuff.

Anyway, I’m off. Hit this link to check out all the recent newsage. Did I miss something big? Probably.

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