The week in review

The week in reviewSaturday again? What the…? This week was a bit of a strange one, actually.

We found ourselves as the filling in a delicious announcement sandwich, with Apple’s iPhone 4S unveil providing one slice of bread, and Google and Samsung providing the other with imminent Ice Cream Sandwich and Nexus Prime goodness.

Early in the week we were hearing all sorts of crazy figures relating to the iPhone 4S. It took 1 million preorders in the first 24 hours, and Gene Munster from Piper Jaffray reckons Apple could sell up to 25 million iPhones in Q4. That’s a lot of iPhones, man.

The iPhone 4S finally arrived yesterday, and things seem to be going rather smoothly. The online wait time is still just 1-2 weeks. In March, the iPad 2 wait time shot to 4-5 weeks almost immediately.

iOS 5 arrived during the week too. The new features include Notifications, iMessage, and tabbed browsing for iPad chaps. Needless to say, Apple users went absolutely mental for iOS 5, with 99.8%* of them attempting to download the update immediately, ultimately resulting in Error 3200.

*Not an official figure, but probably not far off

In other Apple news, some bikers jumped the gun and robbed the Covent Garden Apple store at 1am on Monday. It’s thought that they made off with four figures’ worth of Apple goodies. Well, that wouldn’t be hard, would it?

Google and Samsung have rescheduled their joint announcement for October 19 in Hong Kong. The rumour mill seems fairly certain about the Nexus Prime’s specs, but Ice Cream Sandwich is still a bit of a mystery. Lots of nice blue in there though.

RIM had a pretty terrible week, as BlackBerry users spent several days without data, including their beloved BlackBerry Messenger. Bad times. The Canadians revealed that the issue was caused by a “core switch failure”, and that a failover, uhm, failed to kick in. Eek.

A token Windows Phone 7 story now, and Dell has reportedly bailed on Microsoft's OS till 2013. By that time, we’ll probably be onto Windows Phone Apollo. Dell has released just one Windows Phone 7 handset to date, namely the Venue Pro.

And finally, we’re still waiting patiently for the Samsung-developed Nexus Prime, but now we’re hearing rumours of a Samsung Galaxy S III. Nice. The specs make for interesting reading. We want.

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