The week in review: em double you see!

The week in review: em double you see!

This week we've had boots on the ground at the Mobile World Congress... though it might as well have been called the World Tablet Congress Now With 110% Extra Tablet as far as we're concerned. We've had the impressive HTC Flyer, the expensive LG Optimus Pad, the mysterious Toshiba tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2Huawei S7 Slim... as well as leaked rumours about the Sony Qriosity S1 getting the trade floors buzzing. Do we really need all these slates?

Then again, it could also easily been titled the HTC World Congress. The smartphone aces rolled out no fewer than five new phones as well as their aforementioned pad. Apparently the rumoured new Revolver might also be making an appearance in the near future. Nice one, guys.

Sony Ericsson were certainly no slouches, especially when it came to showing off their new Xperia handsets (that seem to be named after toothbrushes or razors). How about the Neo? Arc? Pro? And of course the Xperia Play, which could well go down as the most leaked mobile phone of all time.

Samsung also brought us enough Galaxys to fill an entire universe. The Galaxy S II is looking mighty fine indeed; with the Galaxy Mini, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Gio and Galaxy Ace waiting in the wings.

Oh, and Lewis also checked out the LG Optimus 3D handset with its world-beating autostereopic display... which turned out to be much crappier than we expected. Never mind.

Microsoft certainly didn't have much to say for themselves this week, but there's been plenty to discuss about their new business partners. Acer will be jumping onto the WinPho 7 ship later this year - and Asus may well be doing the same. All this after Nokia's shareholders and unions are up in arms and considering putting their sinister plan B into action. The proof will be in the pudding, though we'll have to wait until at least October to taste the first WP7 Nokia handset.

But it's arguably Google who'll have the last laugh again this week- with Android Ice Cream set to combine Gingerbread and Honeycomb into one sickly sweet OS. Delish.

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