The week in review: Facebook phone? You're having a laugh

The week in review: Facebook phone? You're having a laughOK, everyone. Let's go through it one more time: There Is No Facebook Phone. CityAM may think there is, but Facebook says there isn't. Over and over. And we know who we're more inclined to believe.

HTC may be brewing a couple of smartphones that work really, really well with the social network, but not so well that it'd rather put Facebook's name on the front instead of its own.

One thing we are very much looking forward to from HTC, though, is the arrival of the completely button-free smartphone that it seems to be working on. Did you hear that, Apple? No buttons.

To be fair to Cupertino, it's had other things on its mind than ridding its iDevices of their Home buttons. For starters, it still seems to be trying to figure out whether it should release the white iPhone or not.

We still don't know for sure. Its market share is also under increasing pressure from Android, and Samsung launching a few dozen new Android phones every other day probably isn't helping.

What Nokia and RIM wouldn't give to be in the same boat. In fact, it looks like Nokia might actually want to be, with new boss Stephen Elop reckoning a shift to Android might be the answer to its current woes. RIM, meanwhile, saw its product roadmap for the year leaked, revealing a bunch of handsets we largely knew were coming anyway.

Microsoft, meanwhile, was talking up Windows Phone 7 again this week, proudly talking about the two million licences it's shifted and the 6,500-odd apps in the Marketplace. Maybe that's why Sony Ericsson seems about to hop on board for some WinPho 7 action.

And lastly, LG has got us all whispering the magic words “three dee” after sending out an event invite for Valentine's Day at MWC with the tagline “Into the new dimension”. Could Cupid be firing some 3D love into the Optimus range?

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