The week in review: iPad, too?

The week in review: iPad, too?This week's biggest news isn't really news at all, but at least we've got a date to put in our diary. The iPad 2 is finally going to make its grand reveal on March 2nd, though it's almost certainly going to be delayed. Wait, sorry, no it isn't. Or is it? Seriously, it makes us wonder why we bother in the first place.

At least all this speculation has caused Orange and T-Mobile to knock a hefty chunk off of their original iPad contracts. Come March 2nd, we'll know whether to wait for the shiny new version or stick with the older yet dominant option... though we hear that Apple have had to get rid of the SD card slot and high-res screen.

Microsoft has finally delivered that WinPho 7 update that they promised us a while back, which manages to improve absolutely sod all. More worryingly, it's also bricking Omnia 7s. Outstanding.

If you really want to stick it to Microsoft, you can always grab yourself Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play on April 1st. Apparently it's "probably" cooler and cheaper than an iPhone. I think the jury's out on that one, Sony... but it does look rather fetching in white.

It's been another mixed week for Nokia, who received a tongue-lashing from Intel after dumping MeeGo for WinPho 7. At least the N950 will use their long-delayed OS. Oddly, they still seem incapable of making their minds up about Symbian; which is dropped one minute and hinted at the next. Hell, we've even seen it running on an N8! They've just got no taste.

Samsung and HTC have made a fairly decent fist of things; with the Galaxy S II headed to UK shores this April and the HTC Incredible S shipping... erm, now. Samsung also has an 8.9in Galaxy tab in the works, which will be able to stream TV. Unfortunately HTC is getting sued for copyright infingement, along with Motorola.

Which finally brings us round to Android. It's growing at a terrifying rate, and with the full Honeycomb SDK now available, there's nowhere to go but up. You've got to love that wacky emergent monopoly... though we're starting to get a little sick of it to be honest.

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