Weekly round-up, bruv. Innit?

Weekly round-up, bruv. Innit?Time for another Saturday round-up. And hey, I don’t have a sore head today, so this week’s round-up might be more coherent than usual. Or not.

The biggest story was probably the ongoing fracas between Apple and Samsung, which now stretches across the entire Galaxy (range). But tons of other stuff happened too. Ready?

So where were we this time last week? Samsung had just gotten a date for its appeal against the preliminary injunction, which prevented sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 across Europe (other than the Netherlands).

Things looked like they were going Samsung’s way early in the week. First, it materialised that Apple – intentionally or otherwise (ahem) – had included a doctored picture of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in its complaint to the Regional Court of Dusseldorf.

More specifically, the aspect ratio of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 image had been altered to make it appear more iPad-like. Coincidence?

And things appeared to be looking up for Sammie once again, when the preliminary injunction was lifted across Europe (other than Germany) pending Samsung’s appeal.

Alas, Apple had the last laugh (for this week, at least), with a complaint submitted to The Hague in the Netherlands. Essentially Apple is seeking to ban the import and sale of all Galaxy devices, and since the Netherlands is a key entry point for goods, the stealth attack could cripple Samsung in Europe. Cripes.

Motorola fired out a press release for the Motorola Defy+ on Monday, just as Google announced that it was buying the ailing manufacturer. Nokia was pretty chuffed, as it reckons the deal could throw a cat among the Android pigeons.

The final version of Mango was leaked, and earlier today Big D posted an item with an official statement from Microsoft confirming that Windows Phone 7.5 is pretty much good to go.

It might be a matter of weeks till Apple unveils the iPhone 5, but it was fairly quiet on the old rumour front this week. Apple has reportedly upped its Q3/Q4 iPhone order to 56 million units, with the iPhone 5 accounting for 26 million of those.

Some dudes figure they have the iPhone 5 release date pinned down to October 7, and Professor Michael Waterson of the University of Warwick suggested folks might pay up to three times the RRP for the iPhone 5 at launch.

In deal land, the Acer Liquid Metal came down to £150, but Expansys now tell us: “this item is no longer available in this region”. What the…?

And finally, Strip the Difference might just be the worst game we’ve ever reviewed.

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