What’s the difference between the HTC Desire and the Desire HD?

Is the HTC Desire HD muchbetter than the HTC Desire?

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 25, 2011 at 16:33

I took a closer look at the HTC Desire HD here.
I had the original HTC Desire before I tested the HTC Desire HD, and if I had to choose NOW, I'd definitely go for the newer HD!
The updated Snapdragon processor is noticeably faster. (when I set up the HD I downloaded 10, 12 apps simultaneously, and I could still browse the web and set up email accounts while all of that was going on)The new Sense UI offers much better customisation than the 'old' UI on the 1st Desire. There is also less lag (NOT that the Desire is 'laggy' or slow). The screen is 4.3 vs the old 3.7, and while the HD is still reasonably 'pocketable', it is much nicer for browsing, video watching etc etc... Camera is upped to 8MP on the HD (from 5MP), but cameras are not Android's forte ;) It IS better than the shooter on the first Desire, but it's not as good as some 8MegaPixlers, and many rivalling non-Android 5MP camphones are better.
Another disadvantage of the HD is battery life (eventually the reason why I didn't keep it longer)- if you do a lot of work with it online, you need to charge twice a day. Now few people use their phones as much for the web as I do, but I'd say if you make it through a day on one charge you are very lucky!
Having said that, the old Desire is not exactly a power-saver, either...
So, overall the Desire HD definitely is a big-gish improvement, and worth the extra money. Or, not...


CTPAHHIK  Mar. 25, 2011 at 18:10


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