What’s the deal with the Samsung GT-I9220?

What’s the deal with the Samsung GT-I9220?Tongues are wagging across the cyberweb about Samsung’s next range of Android phones, including a little something – or big something, as the case may be – codenamed the GT-I9220.

The handset recently popped up in a leaked roadmap, though Samsung reckons it wasn’t entirely accurate, so we’re not sure what to believe.

Initially it was suggested that the Samsung GT-I9220 might have a mammoth 5.3in display, but that was later revised to 4.3in. Lady Kate Solomon of Techradar reckons it might have a 4.65in display, though I’ve just-this-minute realised she may be thinking of the Samsung GT-I9250.

As well as a 4.65in display, the Samsung GT-I9250 is thought to have a 5MP camera. Both the Samsung GT-I9250 and GT-I9220 will have high-def displays and run Ice Cream Sandwich, and there’s a good chance the bigger of the two (whichever that may be) will carry the Nexus stamp.

We’re taking those specifics with a pinch of salt for now, but we’re quite sure Sammie has big things in the works with a view to peeling eyes away from the imminent iPhone 5.

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