WhatsApp introduces read receipts as rumours of VOIP calls swirl again

WhatsApp introduces read receipts as rumours of VOIP calls swirl againBit of a double-pronged WhatsApp news assault here. In story the first, an automatic over-the-air WhatsApp update has introduced read receipts for both iOS and Android peeps.

Meanwhile, those long-discussed WhatsApp voice calls are taking yet another spin on the rumour mill, this time with an accompanying pic (left).

Dealing with those WhatsApp ticks first of all, there has historically been some confusion about what two ticks means: has your message been read, or simply delivered?

Delivered, is – or was – the answer, but WhatsApp now lets you know when your message has been read, too.

Specifically, one grey tick means your message has been sent – same as ever. Two grey ticks still means your message has been delivered, but when those ticks turn blue, that means your WhatsApp message has been read. Lovely.

Turning our attention to Dutch-language DroidApp.nl, we’re seeing what’s supposedly a range of icons to be rolled out with WhatsApp voice calls.

Nothing too exciting, to be honest; fairly predictable icons, but WhatsApp voice calls will inevitably be a welcome addition to the app when the service rolls out.

At present, WhatsApp lets users send cross-platform messages – including group chats – over data or Wi-Fi, but making calls in the same manner requires an alternative like Skype.

Inevitably, WhatsApp owner Facebook will be hoping to give Microsoft’s Skype a run for its money, though - confusingly - Facebook already supports VOIP with a little help from - you guessed it - Skype. It's all very incestuous. Best not to think about it.

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