WhatsApp iPhone voice call functionality revealed in pics and video

WhatsApp iPhone voice call functionality revealed in pics and videoOne thing we’ve been talking about since the Dawn of Time (or perhaps more accurately the Dawn of Mobot) is the notion of WhatsApp voice calls, on both Android and iOS.

We’re expecting WhatsApp voice calls to launch any month now, and in the meantime we’re getting a sneaky unofficial preview in both video and picture format. EXCITE.

For those unfamiliar with WhatsApp (say what?), it’s essentially an instant messaging app, serving as a data-based alternative to text messaging.

Indeed, with 700 million global users and around 30 BILLION messages sent per day, WhatsApp is giving old-fashioned SMS a relentless beat-down at a 3:2 ratio.

In terms of functionality, WhatsApp hasn’t changed a great deal over the years, even having been snapped up by Facebook (if it ain't broke...), but there are big changes on the horizon.

Specifically, in the not too distant future, you’ll be able to call your WhatsApp contacts over data, a bit like calling folk over Skype. If you’re on Wi-Fi, you obviously won’t eat into your mobile allowance at all. Bonus!

Again, WhatsApp voice calls have been in the proverbial pipeline for what feels like forever, but this iPhoneItalia leak suggests there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel.

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