Where’s the stuff? – part 2

Where’s the stuff? – part 2Recently we were bemoaning the lack of post-Mobile World Congress goodies.

The conference, held in Barcelona back in February, was host to a plethora of tablet and smartphone awesomeness (and let’s not forget the devices unveiled at CES in Vegas the previous month too), but it seemed like we’d been waiting aaages to get our hands on the stuff.

All of a sudden, though, we’ve been forced to quit our complaining, as tons of junk has made its way onto the shelves. Have a gander at Stuff is here! for some examples.

Better still, there are even more treats on the way. Last time, in part 1, we looked at HTC’s Flyer and Sensation (the latter was only recently announced, but we’re still really looking forward to it) and Motorola’s Atrix and Xoom. Today, it’s time for some Samsung and LG action.

Where’s the stuff? – part 2Samsung Galaxy S II

The successor to Samsung’s popular Galaxy S was unveiled with the bold claim that it was the “world’s slimmest smartphone”. Presumably that’s no longer the case a whole two months later, but it’s still slim as heck at 8.49mm.

The remainder of the spec sheet makes for rather impressive reading too, and the Samsung Galaxy S II has a fair number of people anxious to get their hands on it. It’ll rock a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 4.27in screen and 8MP camera. Not too shabby at all, Samsung.

The good news is: the wait is almost over. The Samsung Galaxy S II is finally released on May 1. Sah-weet.

UK release date: May 1

Where’s the stuff? – part 2Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has been kicking it for a while in its 7in form, and the Koreans revealed a 10in big brother at MWC. Shortly afterwards, there were rumours that Samsung itself didn’t have confidence in its Galaxy Tab 10in, and sure enough a revamped version was revealed in March. As if that wasn’t enough, they also unveiled an 8.9in model. Samsung has all bases covered in the size department.

The original 7in Samsung Galaxy Tab didn’t give Apple too much to worry about, but these new Honeycomb-fuelled beauties just might. They have 3MP cameras and 2MP front-facing, 1280 x 800 displays, and will be supermodel thin at 8.6mm. Well, in the States at least. We're getting the 10in version first shown off at MWC, which has slightly different specs, courtesy of Vodafone.

Incidentally, Apple is suing Samsung for apparently ripping off the “look and feel” of the iPad and iPhone. Brilliant.

UK release date: "Coming soon", according to Vodafone

Where’s the stuff? – part 2LG Optimus 3D

I almost feel guilty for being so harsh on 3D over the past few months. My hatred is mostly inspired by my absolute intolerance for 3D movies (Avatar 3D being the only exception), but I can’t help but wonder if I suffered some now-forgotten 3D-related trauma as a child.

Anyway, personal feelings aside, the LG Optimus 3D is the world’s first 3D smartphone. Like the Nintendo 3DS, it uses autostereoscopic technology, so you don’t need to wear 3D glasses to view your three-dimensional pictures or games or whatever.

Curiously, and again like the Nintendo 3DS, the LG Optimus 3D features a slider on the side, allowing you to adjust the level of 3D-ness. So tell me; if 3D is so freakin’ good, why would you want to turn it off? You don’t get sliders for screen resolution, for example, or a little button to reduce the number of MP on your camera.

Oops, it didn’t take long slip back into rant mode. Apologies. I won’t judge you if 3D takes your fancy. Perhaps I’m the one being an idiot.

UK release date: Expansys reckons April 25 for the SIM free model

Where’s the stuff? – part 2LG Optimus Pad

More 3D, yas! This time in the form of the world’s first 3D tablet, the LG Optimus Pad. That makes three “world’s firsts” for the Korean manufacturer in the past wee while.

Last year it revealed – what was, at the time – “the world’s most powerful smartphone”, the LG Optimus 2X. And just to show that I’m not, like, completely anti-LG or anything, I quite fancy the 2X.

But back to the tablet. The LG Optimus Pad isn’t autostereoscopic, unfortunately. As such, to view 3D content you’ll need 3D glasses (that’d look pretty cool on the train), or a 3D-compatible TV set. Each to their own, that’s all I’m saying.

UK release date: later this month. Possibly

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 20, 2011 at 13:44

the 3D slider...yeah, well spotted: we can add that to the list of 'must have features' that have to be disabled to get through half a day on a full charge. Must have 3g to disable it. Must have WiFi and Flash to disable it...whoopie, now with disableable 3D.

Stelph  Apr. 27, 2011 at 12:40

Interested in the LG Optimus Pad, not just because of the cool name but because it looks quite a tidy tablet with all the usual features but also the "fun" 3D aspect which would be a laugh to mess around with

Fully expect it to be FAR to expensive tho (£499 or so) when it should be aroud £249 - £299 IMO


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