White Christmas – part 1

White Christmas – part 1I keep glancing at the title of this feature and worrying that it might appear slightly racist. I’d like to stress that I’m referring entirely to the presence of snow at Christmas time, which is of course white. And, if we’re lucky enough to get snow this year, I welcome people of all creeds and colours to enjoy it. Phew.

Now, down to business. There was a time when smartphones in white were somewhat of a rarity, but nowadays it’s very much the done thing to crank out your handset in blanc. Or blanche, if you’re a girl. Have I mentioned that I was first in my year at French?

If you fancy a white smartphone, you’re actually a bit spoiled for choice at the moment. Lots of the high-end guys now come in white. Hence this feature.

iPhone 4S

The white iPhone 4 absolutely dominated mobile news for months and months (and a few more months, for good measure) while Apple sorted out its manufacturing issues. Indeed, by the time the iPhone 4 arrived in white, the bloomin’ iPhone 4S had almost touched down.

Thankfully there were no such problems with the iPhone 4S, and it arrived alongside its black brother at launch. Huzzah!

Samsung Galaxy S II

White Christmas – part 1“The best smartphone money can buy” is a phrase often associated with the Samsung Galaxy S II. Unless you’re an Apple fanboy, in which case you’ll inevitably hate all non-iPhones, while secretly thinking that the Samsung Galaxy S II looks quite impressive.

Incidentally, you should definitely check out Samsung’s spanking new Galaxy S II ad, currently airing in the States. It’s called “Why wait? The Next Big Thing Is Already Here”, and naturally you can watch it on good old YouTube.

Not to be outdone by Apple, Samsung celebrated punting a silly number of Galaxy S IIs across the globe by releasing a nice white version.

White Christmas – part 1LG Optimus 3D

I hate 3D. Admittedly I’m a bit of a hypocrite ‘cause I have a Nintendo 3DS, but, in my defense, I usually have the slider dropped to provide regular 2D-ness. True story.

Anyway, some people seem to like the idea of 3D on a smartphone, and the LG Optimus 3D is equipped to satisfy those desires. We featured the white LG Optimus 3D in a deal the other day, and – oddly – it’s seems to be somewhat of a rare beast, with next to no decent shots of it on Google Images.

We’re quite sure it exists though, as Phones 4U initially had an exclusive on the whiteness and shouted from the hills about it.

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900

I think I’ve figured out why I want a BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900. It’s a great little phone, sure. But I think it’s also partly because RIM is a total underdog these dogs. In fact, it’s not so much an underdog as a dog that bites its own tail then rolls in its own faeces.

White Christmas – part 1Terrifying impromptu analogy aside (I should really think these things through before I write), the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 is now available in Weiss (sorry, I’m sick of typing “white” now). Vodafone had initially claimed exclusivity, but it appears to be available on other networks too.

Woah, I can’t believe how much nonsense I’ve written about just four white smartphones. Mobot regulars will know what’s coming next. That’s right, I’m going to bail on you for now and revisit the White Christmas theme next week.

Er, if you have any suggestions, feel free to fire them in the comments. Suggestions for white smartphones that is; that wasn’t an invite to tell me to shut up, you cheeky git.

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