White Google Nexus 4 pops up again; tipped for December 13 arrival

White Google Nexus 4 pops up again; tipped for December 13 arrivalDreaming of a white Christmas? Well, TalkTalk has your back it seems. It is listing the oft-rumoured white hue of the Google Nexus 4 as being very much real, and likely to be arriving in stock on December 13.

There is a catch, though: you'll have to be willing to commit to a two-year contract, and at this point it's only available via pre-order if you take it as a bundle deal with the Nexus 7 tablet.

The white Nexus 4, made by LG, was first mentioned in whispered rumours last month in connection with Carphone Warehouse. And unless there's quite a coincidence those rumours can't have been too wide of the mark, since TalkTalk is a subsidiary of CPW.

Whatever the explanation, this certainly won't be an ideal fit for everyone. Even if you're adamant you want the white shade of Nexus 4, having to take it in a bundle with the Nexus 7 might cool your enthusiasm a fair bit.

There are three price plans to choose from – Small (£30pm), Medium (£35) and Large (£45), though with the Small giving you just 200MB of mobile data to play with a month, we'd advise thinking long and hard before choosing to go down that route.

And a word of caution: TalkTalk says stock is expected on December 13, but the image of the Nexus 4 used to promote the deal is clearly the conventional black version, so it's safe to say the white variant does not exist at all at this point.

And even then, the £239 SIM-free price Google itself is charging for the Nexus 4 still seems to be by far the better deal – even if it's only in black, and even if it is sold out at present.

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