White iPhone 4: what it costs, and where you can get one

White iPhone 4: what it costs, and where you can get one

It's real, boys and girls – the white iPhone 4 is real, and it's coming to Three before the end of the month.

This isn't the work of a hopeful Apple fan site, either – we're talking a full-blown product page on Three's UK website, revealing the full details of exactly what it's going to cost, and what you'll be getting for your money.

The white iPhone 4 saga certainly has drawn on, but things have really come together over the last couple of days. We've only just digested an 'exclusive' from an Italian mobile site that the whiPhone is set for an April 26 launch than comes the far more concrete sight of a genuine product page from Three.

There's still a slight note of caution to the news – try to make your way from Three's homepage to the white iPhone page and you'll have no luck, instead you have to go directly to a dedicated special offer page, which we only know about at all thanks to a tweet from Three's own disbelieving Adam Kirby.White iPhone 4: what it costs, and where you can get one

But enough of that – what are the details? Well, you'll have to fork out £159 up front and £35 a month for two years. For that you'll get a 32GB white iPhone 4 on Three's The One Plan, which gives a generous 2,000 anytime, any network minutes a month, 5,000 texts, unlimited data (and with Three it really is unlimited), along with a free bumper.

Your total cost adds up to a fairly hefty £999, though you are getting plenty of monthly usage for your money.

The special offer page lists an earliest delivery date as April 20 – that's Wednesday, in case you need the help – but considering the offer hasn't even been officially announced, we'll assume that's just a placeholder.

The big question, however, is this: just how many people are actually going to go for a two-year deal on a phone already just months away from being replaced? Makes no sense to us, but then again that's unlikely to stop the faithful.

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