The white iPhone: confirmed by Apple?

The white iPhone: confirmed by Apple?

We were in two minds whether to write this story at all, considering just how many false dawns there have been in the long-running white iPhone story.

At last count we had published seven different stories in the past three months covering rumours and leads related to the reclusive handset, so forgive us for not getting overly excited at the news that Apple itself has supposedly confirmed it as incoming.

That's what the Wall Street Journal is saying, anyway. It claims to have received confirmation directly from Apple that the white iPhone will indeed launch in the spring, which is in line with most of the other rumours we've heard recently.

However, as far as 'confirmations' go, it's not the most convincing we've come across. In fact, the WSJ makes its claim without saying a single word about the nature of its source, or any quotes or context to back its allegations up.

If the story does turn out to be true, the handset will arrive on the scene the best part of a year after it was originally supposed to.

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jaybear88  Dec. 14, 2011 at 09:32

This is news????

The possibility of a different colour??? Dry day I guess....


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