White iPhone delay: it's the camera... er, no it's not

White iPhone delay: it's the camera... er, no it's not

So there we were thinking the greatest mystery of our time had been solved. You know what we mean, of course: the Mystery of the Missing White iPhone.

There we had the weighty personage of Steve Wozniak himself arguing that it was a compatibility issue with the camera that was to blame for the handset's non-appearance all these months, and figured we had the matter solved. Only, it seems in this case a good story has gotten in the way of the facts.

Apple founder Wozniak was giving his thoughts on the white iPhone in an interview with Engadget, where he postulated that he'd had issues with the camera after splashing out on a third-party white iPhone kit using parts allegedly sourced from genuine iPhone parts supplier Foxconn in China.

However, some good ole' fashioned investigation from another Engadget writer has debunked the theory, and has even been backed up by more recent comments from Wozniak himself.

At the heart of the issue is whether the parts sourced by the New York teen cleverly selling his home-brewed white iPhone kit were indeed genuine Foxconn parts, and Engadget now claims they aren't.

The much-reported-on teen selling the kits actually refuses to confirm the parts came from Foxconn at all, and the Engadget scribe, having himself splashed out on one of the colour-changing kits and experienced the same camera issues as Wozniak, says he did source replacement parts directly from Foxconn and they solved an issue. The bottom line: the reason the camera on iPhones fitted with those white body kits was giving problems had nothing to do with the white colouring, it was simply that the parts were never genuine Foxconn components.

Wozniak himself appeared to support the claims, and moved to distance himself from any suggestions he had ever claimed to know exactly why the real deal has never been released by Apple.

“I said plenty to make it clear that I know nothing of Apple's reasons for rejecting anything ever,” he wrote yesterday. “I told how when I got my white iPhone 4 assembled I tested the flash photos and they did indeed have problems. I spoke of testing flash photos versus non-flash ones and comparing flash photos between my white and black iPhones. I don't recall saying that it was a 'reason' Apple rejected the parts although I had read that.”

So there you have it. Another suspect struck off the list, and another day of our lives we'll never get back.

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