White Samsung Galaxy Nexus: out next week!

White Samsung Galaxy Nexus: out next week!If you've been waiting on the arrival of the white Samsung Galaxy Nexus, you may well have noticed that the rumoured February 6 arrival date has now been and gone and you're not in fact holding one in your hands.

But the good news is that Samsung has now confirmed the white Galaxy Nexus launch date directly, and it's February 13 – that's next Monday in case you're not so good at working the calendar.

It was a month ago that news of the white handset's existence broke cover, and it wasn't long before online retailers were predicting pretty speedy turnarounds – it is just a normal Galaxy Nexus with a white shell, after all.

Some said two weeks, others late January or early February, but in the end Samsung has kept us waiting a little longer than that.

To confirm once more, it's exactly the same as the normal Galaxy Nexus, and costs the same too. In fact, considering how just about all big release smartphones come in white these days, it's getting a bit silly that we still treat the announcement of white versions of phones as such important news.

Just because Apple kept us waiting 15 years for the white iPhone 4, doesn't mean we should feel privileged every time someone else manages to get it right in less than that.

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 7, 2012 at 15:00

Played with the white Samsung Galaxy S2 last week, and I felt it looked cheap. There. Bite me


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