Widespread UK 4G not expected till 2015

Widespread UK 4G not expected till 2015Why is it that all stories concerning Ofcom and 4G are invariably rubbish? One of these days we’ll write a story with the headline: UK 4G coming sooner than expected! Or maybe not.

Yeah, so, you know how we were hoping 4G would arrive in the UK in 2013/14? Well, Ofcom doesn’t expect “wide availability” till – wait for it – space year 2015AD! By which time we’ll have been colonised by aliens.

Back in March, Ofcom announced that it would hold its auction for 4G frequencies in Q1 2012. That was all well and good; we were willing to wait another – what? – 9-12 months? Sigh.

A few months later, however, O2 popped up saying it wasn’t happy with the rules for the auction, and declared it – get this – “illegal”. Fantastic. Resultantly, Ofcom announced that its “ambitious timescale” had been pushed back to Q2 2012. Mother of f…

As far as we can tell, the technology is still expected to commence rolling out in 2013, but it sounds like some of us will have to wait a further two years. Two freakin’ years!

The depress-o news comes courtesy of Ofcom’s Draft Annual Plan 2012/13, which also points out that 15.5% of Scotland and 5.8% of Wales has no mobile coverage whatsoever. Jings. Maybe 3G ain't so bad after all.

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blizzard7  Dec. 12, 2011 at 12:19

Pffft. These numpties need to sort out 3G coverage first. :p


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