Wi-Fi only Motorola Xoom on the cards

Wi-Fi only Motorola Xoom on the cardsMotorola’s Atrix smartphone and Xoom tablet are two of the things we’re most excited about seeing at Mobile World Congress next week. Now it seems we might eventually see two versions of the Xoom.

Abbas Jaffar Ali of tbreak.com attended the Motorola Xoom’s unveiling in Dubai. Motorola have confirmed that two Xoom options will be released in the UAE. Like the iPad, there’ll be one with Wi-Fi only and another with both Wi-Fi and 3G.

No prices were given, though a Best Buy leak suggests $800 in the US. That’s around £500 in our money. Presumably, like the iPad, the Wi-Fi only alternative would be a little bit cheaper.

Motorola’s Xoom tablet will pack the same Tegra 2 processor as the Atrix. It’ll run Android 3.0, and has a 10.1in screen with full HD display. Abbas Jaffar Ali asked Motorola if a 7in alternative might be a possibility, but received a firm “no comment”. We reckon that translates as “maybe”.

Get ready, Motorola. We want a shot.

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