First Windows 10 (for phone) screenshots emerge

First Windows 10 (for phone) screenshots emergeWe quite like this idea of Windows 10 unification, though the uniform nomenclature might cause more than a little confusion. See, while Windows 10 will fundamentally be the same under the hood, aesthetically it’ll be different depending on the device you’re using.

Take this story, for example. Here we’re seeing the first Windows 10 screenshots on a mobile. Or, to put it another way: Windows 10 for phone. Or, another way: WINDOWS PHONE 10. Anyway! Windows 10 screenshots; let’s talk.

More specifically, what we’re looking at here is a trio of Windows 10 Technical Preview screenshots, as shared by some guy called Kiran Kanade on twitter (utterly fantastic hair, incidentally).

Kiran yells simply: “This is Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones”, kindly tagging a number of high-profile Windows-focused publications in the process.

The Verge’s Tom Warren chimed in shortly thereafter with this: “I wouldn’t install Windows 10 for phones on your main device btw. It’s a little rough and early for that”, before adding: “However, Windows 10 on phones preview isn’t gonna be as bad or buggy as an iOS beta, so there’s that”.

Windows 10 for phones, you say? Windows 10 on phones, you say? IT’S WINDOWS PHONE 10, EFFECTIVELY. But I digress. Again. Sorry.

In the trio of Windows 10 screenshots (for phone/on phone), we’re seeing – for starters – lots of toggles for stuff in the Windows 10 Notification pane. Remember, notifications will be linked across all your Windows 10 devices, so dismissing on one will dismiss on the others, too.

There’s also a Windows 10 Settings screen with lots of blue and stuff, and finally an ‘Update successful’ message just to prove (“prove”) we’re looking at Windows 10 Technical Preview (build 8.15.12493.42).

Excited about Windows 10 for/on your phone? We heard recently that most devices running Windows Phone 8 will be updated to Windows 10, though not all.

We’ll have more Windows 10 news as and when.

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