Windows 10 release date: August for the first new devices?

Windows 10 release date: August for the first new devices?

Over the past week or so we’ve been bathing in Windows 10 screenshots and hearing that the technical preview is being tested even on the humble 512MB dual-core Nokia Lumia 520.

This latest rumour suggests Windows 10 will hit RTM (release to manufacturers) in June this year, which means we should see the first new Windows 10 devices by August.

Credit goes to Neowin, which is simply “hearing” the news, presumably from “people familiar with the matter” or similar.

In any case, we’re told the target date for the Windows 10 RTM under new(ish) CEO Satya Nadella is June 2015, with the idea being that Microsoft and its partners will get hardware out in time for the Back To School rush.

Speaking of hardware, it’s suggested that Microsoft would want to launch a Windows 10-flavoured Surface tablet, which definitely makes sense to us, the Surface Pro 3 celebrating its birthday in May.

Windows 10 will be unified across all devices, so we’re calling it Windows 10 whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Windows 10 features include linked notifications, so dismissing a notification on one Windows 10 device will effectively dismiss it on all.

On Windows 10 for phone, we’re expecting new toggles in the notification pane, a dedicated audio recording app, and the ability to split the keyboard.

In the meantime, we’re hopeful for more info at the Microsoft Build conference in April.

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