Windows 10 Technical Preview running on just 512MB of RAM? Plus! More Windows 10 screenshots

Windows 10 Technical Preview running on just 512MB of RAM? Plus! More Windows 10 screenshotsWindows 10 is officially on the way, fundamentally linked for phones and tablets and desktops, and as previewed in some leaked Windows 10 screenshots earlier this week.

Today we’re discovering that Windows 10 Technical Preview will party on phones with just 512MB of RAM, and we’ve a few more Windows 10 screenshots to digest. Go go go!

Starting with this Windows 10 Technical Preview 512MB thingy, the blogosphere has been eavesdropping on Microsoft guy Gabriel Aul's twitter, he being, er, some sort of prominent Windows 10 guy.

Gabe (can I call you Gabe?) was asked: “can you at least confirm that one of [the devices running Windows 10 Technical Preview] will be 512 mb ram device (since there’re a lot of drama about 512mb) ?”

To which Gabe replied: “Hmmm. Do I cave? Don’t think you can squeeze anything ELSE out of me:-) Yes, we’ll have 512MB devices for 1st prvw.”

So, in a nutshell, there’s still hope for the Windows 10 update if you’re rocking a Windows Phone 8 device with 512MB of RAM.

As for those new Windows 10 screenshots, they’re relayed by The Verge, and while the screenshots themselves aren't hugely exciting (mostly just a whooooole lotta black), we’re told to expect new Windows 10 features including a dedicated audio recording app, and the option to split the Windows 10 keyboard.

It shouldn’t be long before Windows 10 Technical Preview arrives with developers, at which point it’ll be Windows 10 screenshots GALORE.

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