Windows 8 final release leaked

Windows 8 final release leakedThis time last week, we were saying that the Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) SDK had cheekily leaked on the cyberwebs.

Now it’s Windows 8’s turn for the leakage treatment, with less than three months to go before the official release.

Amusingly, the Windows 8 leak came just one day after Microsoft confirmed it had reached the Release To Manufacturing (RTM) phase. Oops.

The Verge says we’re talking about Windows 8 Enterprise N, the “N” indicating the omission of Windows Media Player – following a 2004 European Commission ruling that obliges Microsoft to provide a Media Player-less version of its software.

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft declined to comment on the Windows 8 leak.

The Windows 8 release date was recently confirmed as October 26, and the ARM-powered Microsoft Surface RT tablet will indeed be a Windows 8 launch device.

Are you excited about the release of Windows 8? Or cynically hoping that it’ll be universally panned?

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barrybarryk  Aug. 3, 2012 at 11:18

I'm still counting on a way to disable the metro/ "Win 8 style UI" start screen and give me back a start button. Because it's awful to use with a mouse and keyboard, I find it completely unusable. I get it for a tablet or touchscreen device, but it's just completely rubbish on a desktop for me. I haven't tried the gold release yet but it comes up on technet on the 15th so I'll wait until then

TheBishopOfSoho  Aug. 3, 2012 at 12:22

As what I guess you would consider a power user, on Windows 7 I havent used the start button in MONTHS. Everytime I want a new program, its Win key and start typing. Its faster, easier and becomes natural very quickly. Windows 8 is exactly the same. I dont like Metro, but Windows 8 is easily used using the same method and I dont really see Metro at all now.

barrybarryk  Aug. 3, 2012 at 12:36

Except it takes up the whole screen and won't boot to the desktop. That's a lot of inconvenience to put up with for the minimal amount of handy changes that are in Windows 8 that I use and that already works better in Windows 7 where it doesn't take up the whole screen real estate. File explorer getting an update is handy, copy queue working properly and a new taskmanager are all handy but they wont convince me to upgrade os especially if they continue to do away with systray/ desktop notifications to force people to constantly have 'live tiles' running on their 'start screen' for any kind of real time notifications

matt101101 / MOD  Aug. 3, 2012 at 13:59

I agree with Barry, here.

W8 seems to be a tablet (or at least touchscreen) OS, being run on non-touchscreen computers. I know the IT dept. where I work have no intention of upgrading to W8, citing "W7 works well, people know how to use it and we only spent money upgraded relatively recently, so why bother?" as their primary reasons. I haven't actually asked them about their views on the Metro UI, but I doubt it'd be particularly positive haha :p.


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