HP: Windows 8 tablets in 2012, decision about webOS soonish

HP: Windows 8 tablets in 2012, decision about webOS soonishHP’s bigwigs have been jawing about Windows 8 and tablets and webOS during the company’s third-quarter earnings thingy.

It’ll be interesting to see what the Hewlett Packardians do “going forward”, now that the Pre 3 and TouchPad and webOS are all sleeping with the fishes. Sort of. Oh, how different things were back in February.

CEO Meg Whitman confirmed that HP will release Windows 8-based tablets next year. “One of my observations is that HP tries to do a lot of things,” says Whitman. “And I am a big believer in doing a small number of things really, really well — set them up, knock them down, set them up, knock them down.” Soooo many jokes, Whitman.

Todd Bradley, HP’s personal systems group executive vice president, had a few interesting things to say about webOS. Ready? “I think from a webOS perspective that’s kind of the next piece of work to complete … The whole team of Meg, Cathie, myself, John Visentin are working very, very hard and as quickly as we can to make the right decisions about that product.

“We are going to make a decision about the long-term future of webOS within HP over the next couple of months.” Interesting.

via: BGR

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