Windows Phone 7 app developers get first payout

Windows Phone 7 app developers get first payoutMicrosoft has dished out the first wave of payments to reward Windows Phone 7 app developers for populating the Marketplace with their handiwork.

With upwards of 6,500 apps now to choose from, the three-month old platform is now firmly on its feet, and Microsoft has kept its end of the deal by paying up in the fourth week of January, just as it promised.

For those who got on board early, of course, that has meant a wait of up to three months, which is nothing like the turnaround developers enjoy when writing apps for iOS or Android. However, that wait should come down now that the wheels are turning properly.

Probably a bigger concern is the lack of user numbers on Windows Phone 7 at this stage. Microsoft has boasted of over two million WinPho 7 licences having been sold to manufacturers, but isn't revealing actual activation figures.

It's safe to say, though, that the number of active Windows Phone 7 handsets is well below that mark, which presents limited revenue possibilities for app developers.

Most don't seem to mind, however, and appear happy to cut Microsoft some slack while the platform gets off the ground. Speaking to CNET, developer René Schulte says so far sales have been OK but that he'd “be happy if Microsoft sells 10 times more devices and people continue to buy my app”.

We suspect Microsoft wouldn't have a problem with that either.

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