Windows Phone 7 apps on the rise

Windows Phone 7 apps on the riseAs well as showing off the many, many new features of Mango yesterday, and revealing a trio of new partners, Microsoft announced that its Windows Phone 7 Marketplace had reached a landmark 18,000 apps.

As Microsoft was keen to point out, that now puts it in third place ahead of RIM. What was the phrase Elop kept using a few months ago? Ah yes: “third ecosystem”.

iOS is currently in the lead with a ridiculous 380,000+ apps, while Android is slightly behind with just under 300,000. However Android is expected to overtake Apple around the 425,000 mark. All quality apps, of course.

So, by the time Mango arrives, Windows Phone 7 will have the backing of eight manufacturers, full multitasking, and – if the current growth rate continues – a rather healthy supply of apps. Those were some of the major clouds of doubt hanging over WP7.

Will Windows Phone 7 eventually give iOS and Android a run for their money? It’s looking increasingly likely…

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