Windows Phone 7 getting Google+ app soon?

Windows Phone 7 getting Google+ app soon?Windows Phone 7 generally can't compare to Android or iOS on most counts, but Google looks like it has a little present for WP7 users in a Google+ app for Microsoft's platform.

It seems like the Windows Phone Google+ app could be coming pretty soon too, as it's sitting fairly near the top of a list of 15 changes that appeared last week, changes that Google said it wanted to implement within a week or so.

Google hasn't done too badly with Google+ so far. It's no Facebook, but 10 million users isn't a bad start. And even though it's a move that won't add those kind of numbers, the decision to bring Windows Phone 7 into the loop is good news for the development of the service.

In a blog post dated July 14th, Google revealed a list of 15 changes to Google+ that it said “may” be implemented this week, and in sixth place on the list is “Google+ App for Windows Phone 7”.

Obviously it's Friday today, so the chances of it actually arriving this week is now pretty low, but whenever it does hit, it'll be a nice addition to Windows Phone, and before it arrives on iOS too.

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