Windows Phone 7 – the handsets

Windows Phone 7 – the handsetsA few days ago I found myself in a bit of a pensive mood, casting my mind back over the seven-or-so months since Windows Phone 7 launched, and ultimately recording my thoughts in What’s the deal with Windows Phone 7?

I had the vague idea that I might take a look at the modest range of handsets that are available, but spent a surprising amount of time rambling on about the OS. Reaction, features, updates… it’s all in there, baby.

Right, so let’s get down to business. There’s not a great deal of choice. Indeed, you can count the full range on two hands, even if you’ve had a finger bitten off by a shark.


For some reason I always think of HTC as being synonymous with Android, possibly because the HTC Desire is one of the most popular Android handsets. Or perhaps I’m just an idiot.

Anyway, the prolific Taiwanese manufacturer threw some of its eggs in the Windows Phone 7 basket, and it’s a good job it did. Without HTC, it would’ve been a pretty sorry turnout at last October’s launch.

HTC brought no less than three handsets to the table, namely the HTC 7 Mozart, HTC 7 Trophy and HTC HD7. Of course, with Microsoft’s strict minimum specifications, there’s not a great deal to set them apart.

The marketing boys at HTC did an impressive job of making the three handsets seem unique, but essentially there’s one with a big screen and one with a better camera. I guess that’s why I don’t work in marketing.

The HTC 7 Mozart, as the name suggests, is a music-focused offering, producing virtual surround sound through the internal speakers with SRS WOW HD technology; the HTC 7 Trophy is supposedly aimed at gamers (I’m not entirely sure why this is more gaming-oriented than the other two); and the HTC HD7 boasts a large 4.3in display with a little kickstand at the back.

Windows Phone 7 – the handsets

Let’s take a look at the specs, in an HTC 7 Trophy / HTC HD7 / HTC 7 Mozart type formation.

Screen size: 3.8in / 4.3in / 3.7in

Camera: 5MP / 5MP / 8MP

Processor: 1GHz (all three)

So those three were all available at launch. HTC recently added a fourth wheel to its Windows Phone 7 wagon, in the form of the HTC 7 Pro. As you’ve probably guessed from the name, it boasts a physical keyboard.

Windows Phone 7 – the handsets

With its slide-out landscape QWERTY, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is essentially the HTC Desire Z running Windows Phone 7. But you’d be wrong, good sir.

The keyboard slides and tilts, meaning you can lay it flat on a table or whatever as you type. Neat. Of course, you can also use the keyboard as a stand of sorts, while you kick back and watch movies.

Screen size: 3.6in

Camera: 5MP

Processor: 1GHz

In February, Microsoft and Nokia announced that they were shacking up, and snapshots of Elop and Ballmer’s smiling faces were plastered everywhere, but the Taiwanese reckon that won’t put them off.

President of HTC Europe, Florian Selche, said in April: “[The Microsoft-Nokia deal] does not mean that we will abandon the Windows platform. We are the first company to launch a range of Windows models last year and this year also we will be launching new models based on Windows 7 operating system.”

Next time on Windows Phone 7 – the handsets; Samsung, LG and Dell.

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