Windows Phone 7 - the handsets (part 2)

Windows Phone 7 - the handsets (part 2)Last week I composed a brief overview of Windows Phone 7, looking at the seven-or-so-months since the OS launched. On Monday, I followed up with a look at some of the handsets, and – much like when I wrote about QWERTY Android phones – the list was dominated by HTC. They’re a prolific old bunch, those Taiwanese.

As I’ve mentioned before, there really aren’t many WP7 handsets out there at the moment. The OS is very much in its infancy, and the handsets are tucked away in the darkest recesses of operators' websites. Orange, for example, offers just three handsets; O2 has two; Vodafone: again, two; Three and T-Mobile have one each.

Even Microsoft’s official Windows Phone 7 page hasn’t been updated to include the new Dell Venue Pro. Tut tut.

Speaking of the Dell Venue Pro, let’s cease rambling and crack on with a look at the rest of those handsets. Giddyup!

Windows Phone 7 - the handsets (part 2)Dell Venue Pro

The original Dell Venue was an Android 2.2 (Froyo)-rocking 4.1 in beast. Obviously in developing a Pro version of the phone, the logical thing to do is switch operating systems entirely. Makes perfect sense, no?

The Dell Venue Pro was originally supposed to be a Windows Phone 7 launch handset back in October, but was met with unspecified delays. It landed in the States last December, but remained elusive here in the UK.

Then, in February this year, Expansys told CNET the Dell Venue Pro had been “delayed indefinitely”. It wasn’t clear if the business-oriented handset would ever arrive on Cameron’s side of the Atlantic.

Fast forward another three months, and it’s finally here, a mere seven months after Windows Phone 7’s launch. Ah well, better late than never, I guess.

Dell’s first foray into WP7 is a bit of a chunker. At 193g, it weighs 50% more than the HTC Desire S. Of course, that’s largely because it includes a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

The Dell Venue Pro isn’t the only QWERTY WP7 handset; there’s also the HTC 7 Pro. However, unlike HTC’s QWERTY effort, the Dell Venue Pro’s keyboard slides out in portrait.

The handset is already fairly massive, given its 4.1in screen, but slide out that keyboard and the Dell Venue Pro stands at an incredible 6.5in. Amusingly, one reviewer describes it as “awkward to hold with one hand”. I’m saying nothing.

Windows Phone 7 - the handsets (part 2)Unsurprisingly, the battery life is reportedly poor (par for the course these days), but the majorly sucky thing is the lack of expandable storage. The Dell Venue Pro doesn’t have a micro SD slot, so you’ll have to make do with the 8GB of internal storage.

You can pick up the Dell Venue Pro for around £420 SIM free.

Screen size: 4.1in

Camera: 5MP

Processor: 1GHz

Well, I had intended to look at Dell and Samsung and LG in this installment, but I appear to have rambled on for way too long about the Venue Pro, and as such I’ve run out of out time, space and/or stream.

Until next time, mes amis...

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JanSt / MOD  May. 18, 2011 at 18:26

LOL the LG Optimus 7 is on Expansys Ireland down to Euro 249! That is what - £200¿? The old Nokia E52 is about the same price.


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