Windows Phone 7 – the handsets (part 3)

Windows Phone 7 – the handsets (part 3)And so endeth my look at the modest range of Windows Phone 7 handsets. I have to say, it has been nice writing about something other than bloomin’ Android and the friggin’ iPhone.

Incidentally, I just realised I don’t have an iPhone. Does that mean I don’t have an iPhone?

In part 1 we looked at the HTC HD7, HTC 7 Mozart, HTC 7 Trophy and HTC 7 Pro, and somehow, in part 2, I managed to ramble on about the Dell Venue Pro for several hundred words. I feel Dell deserves a further special mention for being the only manufacturer not to adopt a "7" when naming its handset.

Incidentally, by sheer coincidence, Dave happened to review the Dell Venue Pro this week. Check out what he thought, right… here.

Right, let’s crack on. Unless I’m hugely mistaken, there are in fact only two more handsets out there that currently rock Windows Phone 7, both from Korean manufacturers.

Samsung Omnia 7 (IG700)

The Samsung Omnia 7 hit headlines earlier this year, but for all the wrong reasons. When Microsoft rolled out its “pre-update” – that’s the update that was issued in anticipation of the actual update – a number of Samsung Omnia 7 owners reported that their phones either froze or were bricked entirely. Oops.

Hitting shelves back in October as part of the WP7 launch, the Samsung Omnia 7 was praised for its large screen, camera and neat little micro USB port cover thingy. On the negative side, the awkwardly placed power button (it sits on the side) will inevitably lead to unwanted power-downs.

The best price I’m seeing at the moment is on Expansys. The 8GB model is £299, but for an extra £20 you can pick up the Samsung Omnia 7 SIM free with 16GB of on-board memory.

Windows Phone 7 – the handsets (part 3)

Screen size: 4in

Camera: 5MP

Processor: 1GHz

LG Optimus 7

Last but not least, the LG Optimus 7. This solid-feeling chap is notably slim, but weighs in at an impressive 157g. It also packs a generous 16GB of storage.

Windows Phone 7 – the handsets (part 3)As I’ve mentioned before, Microsoft’s strict minimum spec guidelines means there isn’t a great to separate the initial batch of WP7 devices. The HTC 7 Mozart is the only handset to buck the 5MP trend (it rocks an 8MP shooter), but the LG Optimus 7’s camera stands out thanks to its unique design, which somehow manages to look simultaneously retro and futuristic. Think the Rocketeer meets Minority Report.

The LG Optimus 7 was always one of the more affordable Windows Phone 7 options, and you can now pick one up for just over £200. At the moment I’m seeing the LG Optimus 7 for £214.99 on both Amazon and Expansys.

Screen size: 3.8in

Camera: 5MP

Processor: 1GHz

And that’s your lot. Just to finish off, and because I love lists, here’s the WP7 range in full. Oh, they all have 1GHz processors.

  • HTC HD7 (4.3in, 5MP)
  • HTC 7 Mozart (3.7in, 8MP)
  • HTC 7 Trophy (3.8in, 5MP)
  • HTC 7 Pro (3.6in, 5MP, landscape keyboard)
  • Dell Venue Pro (4.1in, 5MP, portrait keyboard)
  • Samsung Omnia 7 (4in, 5MP)
  • LG Optimus 7 (3.8in, 5MP)

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