New Windows Phone 7 handsets pop up in gamer's download logs

New Windows Phone 7 handsets pop up in gamer's download logs

Windows Phone 7 may have launched last year with seven shiny new handsets, but that initial volley hasn't exactly been followed by an avalanche of further handsets in the months since.

But now, thanks to one WP7 developer's efforts in tracking the devices being used to play his games, we're able to identify a few Windows Phone devices currently being tested.

Developer Elbert Perez has posted a log of all the devices that have been used to download the apps he's built for Windows Phone 7, and while all the current WP7 handsets feature prominently, there are a few not so familiar faces in the lineup too.

Like the HTC Mazaa – a handset that's been popping up a fair bit in the rumour mill over the last week or so, or a further pair of HTC devices, the HMP6985 and PC40200. The HTC MSM7x30 is another potential Windows Phone handset, given that the MSM7x30 billing relates to the 800MHz Qualcomm chip that's part of Microsoft's new chassis specs.

The Samsung GT-i8703 is present too, which could indicate a revised version of the i8700, or the Omnia 7. Then there's the Dell Advist, another new face we know pretty much nothing about.

Sadly, there's no way of knowing whether these are bona fide new Windows Phone 7 devices, or simply network-specific variations or minor upgrades. But it is good to know that somewhere out there, the next batch of WinPho handsets are being lined up to do battle.

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