Windows Phone 7 Marketplace hits 10,000 apps

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace hits 10,000 appsIt may not have apps numbering in the hundreds of thousands like the App Store and Android Market, but Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has nonetheless been swelling at a reasonable pace and has now hit the 10,000 app milestone.

And given the slightly rocky time of it the platform has had lately, we can't blame Microsoft too much for making a big deal of the fact that it's arrived there quicker than either of its rivals from Apple or Google managed.

It's taken four and a half months for the Marketplace to notch its ten-thousandth app, less than half the time it took Android Market to get there and narrowly better than the 142 days Apple needed.

Of course, when Apple achieved the feat it was breaking new ground at every turn, and while the WinPho store's feat is impressive enough, it did launch into a mature app landscape.

The numbers have been tallied up by Windows Phone App Lists, which claims that the pace of Windows Phone 7 app submission is increasing. Typically it's been chugging along at around 1,000 new apps a fortnight, but the last two weeks has seen 1,200 apps added to the fold.

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