The next Windows Phone 7 partner: Acer

The next Windows Phone 7 partner: AcerGoogle's current success with Android had a lot to do with getting so many manufacturers on board building phones with it on board.

If Windows Phone 7 is to become what Steve Ballmer calls the “third ecosystem”, it has to do the same thing, and following Nokia's signature we now have another WinPho 7 partner to talk about: Acer.

The leading PC maker's name has been knocking around in connection for Windows Phone 7 for quite a while now – indeed, Acer boss Gianfranco Lanci mentioned late last year that devices using Microsoft's platform were in the pipeline alongside its Android portfolio.

But with the trail having gone cold and Android so dominant at Mobile World Congress this week, we have to confess we'd forgotten all about Acer's courting of WinPho 7.

No longer, however. A company “source” has confirmed to Pocket-lint that the project is alive and well, and will result in a pair of Windows Phone 7-powered Acer smartphones arriving on the market in the autumn.

We have no further details to go on, but it doesn't take a genius to work out that that's around the same time we're expecting the major Mango update to the Microsoft mobile OS to make its appearance, and therefore the same time we could be seeing the first Nokia rival hit the scenes too.

Could be an interesting autumn.

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