Windows Phone 7 sales going rather well. Maybe...

Windows Phone 7 sales going rather well. Maybe...Just as we were getting used to the idea that Windows Phone 7 sales were verging on the disappointing side, Deutsche Telekom's head of consumer marketing, the brilliantly-named Ingo Hofacker, has come along with an unexpectedly positive announcement.

Speaking in Munich at the CeBIT preview, Hofacker explained, “We are ahead of schedule, Microsoft is very pleased.” Of course, Deutsche Telekom doesn’t claim to speak for the global smartphone market, but it is Germany’s largest carrier, with over 37 million customers.

However, with no exact figures to go by, it’s unclear just how successful Windows Phone 7 sales have been outside of Deutschland. Microsoft appears content, but just last week James Choi, LG’s head of marketing strategy and planning, described Windows Phone 7 series as “a little bit boring.” Eek. Adding further fuel to the flames of dubiety are the ludicrous deals currently doing the rounds across the pond; carriers in the US and Canada have been giving away X-Box 360 games – and in some cases, consoles – with Windows Phone 7 phones. Smartphone contracts are usually around the $200 mark, but those with Windows Phone 7 handsets are closer to $100.

We’ll be keeping our eyes firmly glued on February’s Mobile World Congress to see what Microsoft has in store for the next generation of Windows Phone 7 devices.

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