Windows Phone 7 to topple iOS by 2015

Windows Phone 7 to topple iOS by 2015Recently we heard one analyst’s prediction that Android would rule the proverbial OS roost in 2016, with iOS in second place and Windows Phone 7 shoving BlackBerry into fourth.

A new forecast published by Gartner suggests Windows Phone 7 might perform even more impressively, bypassing Apple by 2015 and taking the silver medal at the OS Olympics.

Gartner reckons, by 2012, Android will appear on almost half of smartphones. It’ll (hypothetically) maintain that near-50% share through till 2015, by which point WP7 will have claimed a 19.5% share of the market.

Meanwhile, iOS will sit in third place on 17.2%, and RIM will hold 11.1% of the market. Of course, Symbian will be a dot come 2015, with an estimated 0.1% share.

So Android will still be popular, iOS and WP7 will battle it out for second place, and RIM will bring up the rear. Seriously, how much do these analyst dudes get paid?

Graph courtesy of Asymco.

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 8, 2011 at 15:05

Right. And what about the weather? I'm planning a party for Aug 6th 2021. Will we need umbrellas?
There is soo much wrong with this. I have coffee in my nose. In 2015 there better be no more WP7. That's just for starters.
Then there's the promise of Symbian phones up to at least 2013. Even if from one day to the next not a single Symbian phone will be made after Jan 1st 2014, will the few hundred million Symbian phones all disappear within a year? That is not even considering the as yet unasked question of WHAT IF - what if Nokia's Symbian franchise does continue to make fiscal sense beyond 2014? Will Nokia really stop? Or: will some newcomer or established company say, "hey, if Nokes don't want Symbian anymore, why don't we use it?" Or maybe they'll continue with Symbian for the Chinese market? That is just one and a half aspects lightly touched upon...etc etc
Shut up, analysts. Just for one year, please. A month? Okay, a week then, pretty please?

socialjeebus  Apr. 8, 2011 at 15:14

Are they on crack? I can see Android being dominant but WP7 being 2nd?
I think they'll be battling for fourth with symbian let alone challenging RIM or IOS.

JanSt / MOD  Apr. 8, 2011 at 15:32

yeah, the logic is great: Nokia were apparently(their pov)too incompetent to sustain a successful platform "A" (SYMBIAN), but they will definitely(their pov) take platform "B" (WP7) to victory... Err, ahem...yes. Sure.


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