Windows Phone 7 update bricking Samsung Omnia 7s

Windows Phone 7 update bricking Samsung Omnia 7sFantastic. Earlier this morning we reported that the first Windows Phone 7 update brings no noticeable new features whatsoever. It’s more of a pre-update in anticipation of the long-awaited copy-and-paste upgrade.

Well, spare a thought for Samsung Omnia 7 owners. According to various online reports, the update often freezes on the Samsung Omnia 7, and has even bricked a number of handsets.

One user contacted Pocket-Lint via email, saying: “My WP7 isn't working either after this damn update! Can't hard reset and T-Mobile UK hasn't a clue.”

Twitter user Benjamin Gibbs contacted WinPhoneSupport, explaining: “My Samsung Omina 7 is failing to update it is hanging at 100% on step 7.”

WinPhoneSupport confirmed: “Yes, we have had other have the same issue with the Omnia 7. We are looking into this issue.” Presumably the guy was too rushed off his feet to compose a proper, intelligible sentence.

This doesn’t bode very well for when Microsoft starts rolling out actual updates for Windows Phone 7.

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 22, 2011 at 18:31

I really really really really shouldn't, but here: I love it! If you own an Omnia 7 and you have owned it for more than 1 day, it means you were bamboozled into buying and keeping an unfinished product!

We must stop playing their update game!!!

Would you buy a new car if the sales dude said the reverse gear will be fitted at the first full service? And, oh, don't go over 50mph until we invented a new type of engine oil? NO!

Microsoft caused massive boo boo when they allowed unscrupulous OEMs to market under-powered hardware as Vista-Ready, they should have learned. They should have BEEN MADE TO LEARN $$$$$$$$$-wise.
WE let them (and not just MS) get away with practices that would lead other branches of industry straight to jail - or at least the small claims court! Yet we pay and pay and pay and then we go on chat boards and post little smilies. Buy a phone that is proven to work. From a company that has a positive trackrecord when it comes to software updates and customer support. That company, sorry, is by no earthly standards Microsoft.

Andy247  Feb. 22, 2011 at 19:21

Speaking as a former Omnia 7 owner, I disagree entirely with the comment above. The Omnia 7 is a fantastic handset with a great spec list, thanks to Microsoft's insistence on a minimum standard, and it performs well at all levels. The sole reason I don't still use it is that the OS is totally locked down and doesn't give you any freedom.
Microsoft have adopted the Apple approach, and who can blame them, but i'll be sticking to Android in future until there's a true competitor on the market.

JanSt / MOD  Feb. 22, 2011 at 21:02

hi Andy,
I was being provocative. The HD7 is a gorgeous device, too - much better built than the Desire HD. But the reason your Omnia or my HD7 worked so very smoothly is that wp7 does little. Of course, that little is achieved stunningly col. It is another similarity to the iPhone. Do little, but do it well. But compared to even the iPhone wp7 was and is not whole. A modern device that brags about its new browser, and no typing in landscape? A device OS that brags about mailing, social networking etc but no copy/paste (AFTER Apple were ridiculed about it for years...)...
After 2 days with WP7 I was surprised that I was actually 'allowed' to make calls.


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