Windows Phone 8.1 "Resuming" bug killed...

I'm just sharing this quickly although it's not exactly "news". But it is the time of the year when folks buy new phones, and new phones get updated... So, here goes:

Quite a few WP users are struggling because their Windows Phone 8.1.xxx device
acts rather annoyingly when they try to 'wake' the screen from standby: rather than showing the lockscreen, a white or black screen loads with the word "Resuming" and some loading bar dots dotting around... It can take some 5 -20 seconds before the actual lockscreen loads.
That is enough to miss that cute snapshot. And moreover - it's just wrong.

The FIX? Easy: Open Settings, scroll down to "Kids Corner" and turn it off if it's active. Or, if inactive, activate it, set it up. And then TURN IT OFF AGAIN! Done.!

I'm not sure anyone knows exactly what causes that bug.
It has something to do with Active Lockscreen apps and the underlying process/es.
Kids Corner is not the cause. But when you set up Kids Corner, any Active Lockscreen processes are killed. And that seems to cure the
"Resuming..." illness.

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dinkuspony  Jan. 26, 2015 at 04:33

Thank you!! I made an account just to say thank you, this was so annoying


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