Windows Phone 8 codenamed Apollo

Windows Phone 8 codenamed ApolloThe next big update after Mango, Windows Phone 7.1, will be Windows Phone 8. It's codenamed Apollo, which may or may not be a tribute to the late fictional boxer, Apollo Creed.

The news comes courtesy of the dudes at Mon Smartphone, a French Windows Phone community. Standard Grade French tells me Mon Smartphone translates as: My Smartphone. Impressive, non? I was first in my year. C'est vrai, mes amis.

As our French friends observe, that’s yet another WP codename that ends with an ‘o’. Previously we’ve had NoDo, which was a cheeky dig at Android (NoDonut). Apollo could be a vague dig at Apple, but it’s anyone’s guess really.

There’s speculation that Windows Phone 8 could see the unification of the desktop and mobile operating systems to some extent, but again - it’s all speculation at the moment.

In any case, Apollo is still a long way off. It’s not expected till late 2012, by which point we'll inevitably have been colonised by aliens.

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