Windows Phone 8 random reboots and battery complaints

Windows Phone 8 random reboots and battery complaintsThe all-singing, all-dancing Windows Phone 8 is finally here, bringing with it five new phones and marking a turning point in the success of WinPho. Maybe.

But all is not well in the nascent world of Windows Phone 8, as we’re hearing reports of users suffering from random reboots. Furthermore, there are complaints of poor Windows Phone 8 battery life. Oh dear.

A thread over on WPCentral reveals that users of the HTC 8X are observing random reboots – roughly once per day. Said thread currently has 160 comments.

There’s a second self-explanatory thread over on the Microsoft Community forums titled “8X reboots”, with 60+ replies at the time of writing.

Meanwhile, a thread on Nokia Support Discussions details a Nokia Lumia 920 freezing issue, with some users adding that battery life is poor.

There’s no official statement from HTC, Nokia or Microsoft just yet, though we expect them to address the issue with an update sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, this is the risk you run when backing devices – and indeed operating systems – at launch. Having said that, there are far worse things in life than a daily reboot, know wha’m sayin’?

Anyone here pick up a cheeky HTC 8X or Nokia Lumia 920? How are you getting on?

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 19, 2012 at 12:11

Since we don't know how many devices were actually sold this is probably just a 'pffft'
moment that comes with every new device. People may not understand how to 'close' vs 'minimise' apps - thus the battery issue?!And, trying to familiarise themselves with a new phone AND OS they probably try apps, settings etc vs "just using it". On the other hand, who knows? Since clearly 2 different devices seem to exhibit the same buggery, WP 8 itself might be at fault - ergo (!) the delay of the Ativ S etc (I also know who shot Kennedy. For a small fee I'll...oi, what the...)

Pondlife  Nov. 19, 2012 at 13:01

Having read a few of the battery life complaints they did seem to know what they were doing and many were coming from nokia wp7..

Still think delay in ativ is more to do with not wanting to divert many components from s3 production

JSamson1  Nov. 19, 2012 at 13:33

"Unfortunately, this is the risk you run when backing devices – and indeed operating systems – at launch." -- not really. The iPhone/iOS is 5 years old yet it still has issues. My iPhone 5 battery lasts less than a day with light use... and sound cuts out at least once a day requiring a hard reset to fix it (there's long threads about both issues in the Apple forum). Then there's other problems, purple lens flair, wifi dropping, touch screen dropout, etc.

All phones have issues, what's important is how the manufacturer responds to these problems (in Apples case, they deny/ignore issues, hopefully Microsoft/HTC/Nokia will step-up and fix them).

JanSt / MOD  Nov. 19, 2012 at 15:30

I'm currently using an iPhone 5 - modding thos site: 2 very busy twitter accounts, a Tumblr and 3 email accounts on push - + musicplayer and plenty of sms... I get through a day and the next morning.


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