Windows Phone 8-rockin’ Juggernaut Alpha takes WP Bench crown

Windows Phone 8-rockin’ Juggernaut Alpha takes WP Bench crownWe have a contender for Best Codename Ever here, folks, with a little something called the Juggernaut Alpha. I want one.

The Juggernaut Alpha is a suspected Windows Phone 8 beast, and it has emphatically punched all other Windows Phone competition in the face when it comes to benchmarks.

Over on the WP Bench site, it’s revealed that the mysterious Juggernaut Alpha has clocked in at 151.14, easily taking first place.

Second place looks comparatively sluggish; the HTC Titan previously clocked 97.32.

To be fair, Windows Phone 7 is well known for being slick as a mother-humper, even with its single-core ceiling. Windows Phone 8, meanwhile, will introduce multi-cores.

Anyway, what the hell is the Juggernaut Alpha? Well, it could be a Nokia device. We recently heard that Nokia is expected to announce two Windows Phone 8 devices at Nokia World on September 5.

In the meantime, treat your eyes to Eight things you need to know about Windows Phone 8.

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SpeedyG  Jul. 25, 2012 at 17:22

Dual core speed demon with multi-core graphics and hi res screen in a big package. My guess is Nokia's answer to the HTC One S.

With an eye-watering 500 pounds plus entry level price to match.


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