Windows Phone apps - what's the Marketplace like now?

Does anyone use Windows Phone? What's the Marketplace like for getting new apps? Obvs App Store and Google Play will still be the priority, but have things improved?

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 8, 2014 at 16:26

Things have improved... Whatsapp, Viber and something called Facebook? All there.
Heck, today even Twitter updated its WP app for the first time since, um, NOVEMBER...

I think many devs see WP 8.1 as a more better OS - Flipboard and some other iOS/Android classics are also scheduled to appear later this year.

Mind you: there is still a lot of rubbish. E.g., I can think of exactly 2 photo editing apps that are useable. There are fake apps such as 'iTunes', 'Opera' etc etc etc, and for months now MS has not done a thing about those. And there are plenty of apps that do exactly nothing. Again, MS do nothing about those fraudsters.
Personally, I wouldn't bemoan an apps shortage. The quality is the problem.
Today's Twitter update, for example,... Do not be fooled: though you can now upload multiple
images (in line with the iOS/Android versions), in every other aspect this version is like something from 2010.
Or: considering that Nokia's prowess is the Lumias' camera tech, one would expect great photo apps. WRONG. They suck. All of them. Useable? Yes, the aforementioned 3 or 4 apps. But fun to use? Easy to use? Intuitive? Fast? Nope, nope, dope...

There's a real clash in experiences. Not just coming from other OSs, but also when you compare 3rd party apps to the native built-in apps. WP's browser is excellent - better than Safari or Chrome... The email client is nice and very efficient, as are other apps onboard out of the box. 3rd party apps all look like they were build for BB OS7...

Games are a different story. Many are very good, very polished, and very easy on resources.
GTA San Andreas is optimised for 512MB RAM... It runs flawlessly on the Lumia 630 without sucking dry the battery in no time.

WP 8.1 is a very good OS. Not my 'dream OS', but currently I prefer it to iOS and Android. I can live with the missing apps.
In return it's extremely low-profile in a positive way. It doesn't constantly distract with updates and show off fluff...
Browser, email and keyboard are amongst the best if not the best.

You should check out what you cannot live without and see what the options are for WP.
The Lumia 630/635, e.g. costs €99 on prepay here in Ireland. For that it is an awesome device.


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