Two new Windows Phone builds outed

Two new Windows Phone builds outedEarlier this year, update 8107 for Windows Phone was made available by carrier request. It was intended to address privacy concerns and a magically disappearing keyboard.

Now a couple of other builds have popped up courtesy of WP Bench, the popular performance benchmarking app for Windows Phone.

The WP Bench database now has an entry for build 7.10.8745. It popped up a few days ago and is thought to be running on an HTC 7 Pro. There are suggestions that 7.10.8745 could be anything from a fake to an early build of Windows Phone Tango, or perhaps it’s simply a device specific update.

There’s also a 7.10.8714 build, which is again higher than the aforementioned 8107, and again an entirely unknown entity. Hmm.

Pocketnow notes that the 8107 update didn’t address the Windows Phone SMS security vulnerability, so that could explain one of the builds.

In any case, Windows Phone Tango is expected in the first half of 2012, and will introduce support for low-end devices. Windows Phone Apollo will be the next major update, bringing dual-core devices in time for Christmas. Maybe.

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