Windows Phone hits 50,000 apps, but is that good or bad?

Windows Phone hits 50,000 apps, but is that good or bad?Interesting landmark reached by Windows Phone: the Microsoft mobile platform has just racked up its 50,000th app submission to the Marketplace.

And yes, we say interesting rather than groundbreaking or amazing, as it's clearly an achievement nowhere near the scale of iOS or Android. And in fact it's only really interesting because it's quite a bit lower than we were expecting.

Going into 2012 there's no mobile ecosystem that seems to inspire quite as wide a spectrum of opinions as Windows Phone. For some it's the de facto third force in the mobile space, offering a genuine alternative approach to the status quo that's only likely to grow in popularity and momentum in years to come.

For others, of course, it's pretty much a waste of space, little better or different to other struggling platforms such as webOS, and likely to end up as unpopular as Microsoft's own Windows Mobile before it.

Clearly a lot of the positivity is the result of Microsoft's own publicity efforts. There's no question that it's been doing everything in its power to get developers onside, both for Windows Phone and the forthcoming Windows 8.

That much has been apparent given the pace at which WinPho reached the 30,000 and 40,000 app landmarks, despite sales of actual Windows Phones all but drying up altogether as we all waited for Mango's arrival.

And that's why we say hitting the 50,000 milestone now isn't actually that impressive. Yes, the overall pace is increasing, and the WinPho-tracking All About Windows Phone duly informs us that it's taken just 40 days to go from 40K to 50K, compared to just over a year to get that as far as 40,000.

But with Mango now with us, plus a whole bunch of new devices, including those from the platform's supposed “silver bullet” manufacturer Nokia, quite frankly we were expecting more.

Clearly 2012 will be a year where reality catches up to expectations for Windows Phone – for better or for worse.

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 29, 2011 at 11:23

Well, good luck to the apps developers ;)

As to the "third force" - how WP7 serves as an alternative is beyond me. That is not saying it's rubbish. But the ultra-simplistic UI aside, what excactly IS "alternative" about it? Is not-being Android or iOS automatically an alternative?
Good thing about WP is that people who can live with the OS's limitations because it suits their idea of a phone,.. Well, they get pretty impressive hardware at a good prIce. And so I guess I just contradicted myself - in that regard the platform is an alternative.
And since I'm in a good mood: another advantage thus far is that all devices get all updates. No HTC Sense or Samsung Touchwiz to clog up limited space. No OS fragmentation... But, hey, WP is just over a year old. Who knows where it's going? At the current pace one thing seems clear: soon there'll be more apps than owners :p


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